Friday, October 17, 2014

brain sketching of mine

I had to say, I am a lazy person.
I'm really lazy @ anything and I can't get things done.
My brother had bought a microphone from the internet ,he finally did it.
BUT me,there's so much things I want to buy but I end it letting it go.
So I've made up a decision, There's this few things I want to get done:

1. I want to lose weight. (2yrs time)
50 kg is my goal.I'm 67 now ,So I still have 17 kg to lose .

2.I want to get Iphone 6(no idea)
I need a phone that takes good quality pictures. I always have this feeling that apple product takes really hipster looking pictures which is what I'm looking for .

3. I want to  focus on my SPM
if you didn't know,SPM is a big exam in my country for highschoolers, so I had to really focus on my studies for m own sake ,so no more cpmputer after this time .

4. build my hipster vintage grungy fashion
I love love loooove these style so yeah,I'm gonna do that

5.take driving license
I wanna drive asap,for my own sake,I don't wanna disturb anybody anymore to fetch me back home. 

SO , this is my sketch on my brain today ,it's something I want to get done :)

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