Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Working now

After my SPM I just can't wait on working. So I found three job and end up following my aunt to her office and worked with her.
I don't want to put to much details on what my company is but I would like to tell my experience on the jobs I found.
The first job I received is Johnny Rocket. Is a super famous restaurant in my country which requires workers to have fun with the customers and ofcourse dance with them ! I found this job super fun but I end up didn't choose the job because the restaurant wants me to buy uniform which I have no money to buy for. So I end up no taking the job.
The second job I had received is Parkson. As a Clark . Parkson is one of the famous shopping center in my country. I think that is a rare chance to actually get a job there. I was really happy when I got that job. But that job requires me to work on Saturday and Sunday which I can't. (I had to go church on Sunday!)So I end up not receiving that job either.
The only thing I'm not responsible about is I didn't inform them I didn't take their job. So they end up contacting my family which makes me feel ashamed. I should have be more responsible for my doings. *sigh*
So I think that's it for this post.
Kind of miss the days where I can wake up passed ten and surf the net for the whole day. Working days are kinda tired. I learned to be more responsible for my own doings and always learn to inform .

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