Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Starting a healthy lifestyle

"What do you mean starting a healthy lifestyle to me? " I asked myself.
Is the right choices you made in life.
Is the choice you made to choose fruits after sweets, is the choice you made to do your homework over social media. Is the choice you made to go hug your friend instead of leaving them alone.

what may consider healthy for me
1. Eat healthily ofcourse
2. Explain my feelings to others in a respectful way
3. Knowing that I won't impress every single person
4. Keeping in mind that I have to work hard .
5. Knowing my priorities very well
6. I don't have to own something to be happy
7. it's okay because it's already a past
8. Be very clear of what is happening around you.
9. My choices is my choice is not others
10. Be Authentic

As times goes by thoughts will change .
what will I say about healthy lifestyle after ten years?
I'll never know.

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