Sunday, January 18, 2015

Working hard on Grit

I went back to ballet classes this year ,also I planned to have my Advanced 1 exam this year.
Personally, I want to make this year's exam become the year that I get the most results which is a 90 for Distinction. That's my goal.

I want to become a professional ballerina if possible so I really need to work hard on every part of my life , no matter physically or mentally.

Let me admit. I am currently overweight and I can't even do a split. So to achieve this impossible dream of mine , I have to be grit enough to achieve this dream . My teacher helped me to set goals for me BTW. She said that I have to lose 25kg within four months. OK, challenge accepted.

I set myself a goal that by this month (Jan) I have to do the spilts and scorpio, so I practice every night. I stretch myself to my limit and hold for 10 seconds(fast ones). Hope I am able to success.

During the weekdays without ballet classes , I'll do some cardio dance for an hour , and then stretch myself . I'll go for jogging during the weekends and then I'll do my stretching again.

Hope I really am able to lose weight and build my core and tighs muscle and become a qualified Ballerina. I want to have this grit to achieve my goals and dreams. I knew God will be helping me through my journey becoming a good ballerina .

BTW, I also love dancing. Not just ballet , but any dance. Traditional dance, Hip Hop, Break dance,
K-pop dance etc etc... so make sure all you dancers out there work hard in your dancing dream so that one day, I can meet you guys on the stage :)

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