Sunday, January 18, 2015

Have to be grateful

I want to study overseas. But due to my family's income , I can't.
I wish to study overseas because I want to have a new start and I also want to learn to be independent.
Studying overseas needs a lot of money and that's the problem , I can apply for scholarship of course, but my results doesn't allow. Now I only feel regret that I didn't study properly while I was in High School.

But , the fact it is. I can't change the fact that my family to a rich one, I also can't change the fact that my High school results to a high one. I have to say , I do feel a little down that I can't go overseas to do my college years but I know that God has a plan for that.

I know that my parents do also want to send me overseas , but they just can't afford the high tuition fees and living costs. They love me, and I know that. They want me to be successful and I know that too. I have the best parents in the world .They've given me everything they had.

Although I can't have my college years in overseas, but I do have the chance to go there still. I still have a degree and my master to go. So I aimed to do well in my A level so that I can get scholarship to get to overseas. The disappointment of not going overseas will turn to my motivation to study hard for my A levels!

I have to thank you for my parents for willing to spent time with me to go to the Education fair and willing to help me to get information in the fair. Thank you for recommending the colleges for me so that I will not be confused in the fair . Thank you for willing to pay the fees without complaining and hesitating. Thank you for sacrifice so much for me . Thank God for all the things He had provided for me. 

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