Sunday, December 21, 2014

No one reads my blog

I have to admit that no one reads my blog. That's good . I can type all my feelings I want to and I can say whatever I want.
Working as a clerk is super boring especially when your boss is not around. Luckily today I only work half day . if not I have to be bored all day.
I had a weird dream yesterday. I dreamed that I fell in love with one of my friend . Suddenly, he called me and I saw him wearing a Nintendo (which won't happen ever) his parents is beside him                               
                           he tell me : Carol, I'm sorry . I love you but I have a family . I have a wife and I have my children. I have parents . My mom doesn't allow us to be together. I think I have to leave you.
I was so sad on that time and I saw myself driving(which I don't know how) and shouted:"don't leave me! I'm coming now! I'm sorry! I'm coming now!! "

and then when I went to find him it was too late . I was so disappointed and sad which I don't know why. My heart ache so much and I feel like dying . I was really sad. My love has gone. He is gone forever.

and then I woke up

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