Sunday, May 18, 2014

A mini makeover for my desk

*crossing my fingers*
Before I stuff  my head unto these follicle stimulating hormones and luteinising hormones of the studies of behaviour, I would like to... you know, procrastinate a bit.I mean, alot.
I wanted to give my desk a little mini makeover!^^
I really wish this plan would work out because I always like to be a hypocrite . That's the way I live. Sorry guys,I'm not perfect enough.  
I wanted to use this cloth as a bass for my desk. I got this cloth from Miyazaki,Japan. 
I fell in love to this cloth and I bought it without knowing what I should do with it. I don't know I have this obsession of collecting clothes. Don't judge me,pls.
So this is my desk and see,my awesome darling pooh on top of the pile of books. *cough*
I need some brain storm ideas to use the cloth wisely. Should I hang it on the wall? Or should I make it as a bass and put it on top of my desk?
I know I know my desk is a mess. But messy stuff always seems to be a perfect environment to me to study. What should I do with it ? Gonna make it work once my finals is over!!
*place my fist on my heart* I need to make this project work!

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