Wednesday, February 26, 2014

So Many Priorities

So I need to eat clean, but I just had a plate of Maggie mee goreng this yeeahhh,AND I SKIPPED BALLET CLASS.
Really? I still got to do so so so much things but all I am doing now? Is blogging which I dob't do that often either. Seriously, I had to confess my love hate relationship to the internet. Because of the internet I knew so much stuff, but because of internet too, my days are turning unproductive and it is making me nuts!
High school life isn't an easy task for me. There's so many times I wanted to quit . I thought of migrating to other countries. But there's always some responsible and some RASIONAL thoughts bumps in and disappointed me. My results aren't that good, but I wanted to study abroad so so much. *praying to God*

I am a procrastinator. And internet is one of the cause. #stayblessed 

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