Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Be active yohh!

hey blog! It has been a long time since I've post anything! I'm gonna be active in the future ! I promise! Remember the resolutions I made last year? About losing 10 kg? Woahhh, Lemme give you a quick update on that. So I just weighed myself just now ,and I have officially lost 3 kg!! Yayyy!!:D This is making feeling gooooood ~ It's motivating me to continue my journey ~~~^3^ hey hey hey ~ Don't ask me how I lost ,I'll let you guys know when I lost 10 kg okay ~ so today's breakfast~is..... a small cup of Kiwi juice and another big glass of fruit juice! Man, this fruit juice really makes my day! I'm going to drink juice in the future! and it's super healthy ~~~ 100 marks for that !
 I should try to find out more recipe to make bento to school .*changes subject*But when I think about it again,I was asking myself,am I losing fat?or muscle? That's a BIIIIGGG thing you know,especially for a dancer.well, I have no idea man,hopefully I'm losing fat not muscle!! 
Oh and.... I chopped off my hair cause am not having ballet exam this year ~

Have to work hard for my exam !Cause that's how students do ! Stay Awesome :p

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