Sunday, February 16, 2014

A warm road

So I wanted to have juice but my maid said that we don't have any apples. So we decided to walk like almost 1km to the supermarket . We got our apple and also , we have bought lots of stuff for sure. For the whole week of my pocket money that I have saved were GONE. Just like that. I was very frustrated because I've wasted a lot of my time and MONEY , I was complaining when we're heading home. My maid was really really tired due to her old age so she needs a Taxi. I told her that we should walk also while calling for a taxi. But she doesn't want to. So I yelled at her, and said:"I wanted to go back now! I regret coming here! I have wasted so many things!" So my maid just got angry and walk home really really fast.
I shouted : "dont walk so fast!!!" But she doesn't want to listen to me. So I stopped and stood there. My maid just walked walked until far far away. She was nagging:" Ya Allah ....." whatever people said . So I was REALLY MAD. I wanted to slap her . But then,I walked towards her apolagise. I told her that I'm really worried for my exams and I really have no time to study . It's my fault to make my maid to be so tired . And I carry a bag from her (the things we bought),and we walked home slowly together. My hand was really tired and they're shivering . But I knew that I handled the situation good enough without hurting both of us way too deep. 

We kept quiet while we walked home but I can feel that there's warmth between us. 

Update:Discovered an app for photo editing OH MY ,they made good pics yohhhh!!!

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