Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Standing out

I would like to say that I can't make decisions properly ,is like everything at once , it's just so hard to stand firm at your own perspective and stand out for it.
This is something I went through recently, and I haven't get to solve it yet. So I want to be a Lawyer that professions in Criminal Law. One day, I was chatting with my Aunt about further studies and I said that I want to be a as u know , A Criminal Law Lawyer.
She kept quite for a bit and then ask me:
              "If you were thinking about this , you have to know that you were helping the criminals !"
I was so shocked, why can't I noticed about that?
I went back home and asked mom about that , then she said:
              "It's not like that, you were helping them, for giving them a second chance!"
So I told my aunt what my mom said. All she said was:
              "Well then, what if that person is really a bad guy ? And you were helping a bad guy?"
I can't answer her question,so I went back and ask my mom again,then she said:
              "There's always a reason for a person to be a bad guy, from there, you need to help them out"

And now, I was so confused. I realised that I can't stand out for my own perspective , and I am very disappointed for myself. Next time, I am gonna try my best to stand out for my own perspective since I want to be lawyer,I have to train myself for that!

I believe that after I became a professional criminal law lawyer, I look at things in different perspective. And I look forward to that :) This is going to be really fun! 

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