Wednesday, January 7, 2015

a letter to god

oh lord,
As you can see my situation right now , I am eager to lose weight . I know by losing these weight can't glorify your name or anything but I want people to accept me . I want to be pretty, If being pretty can glorify your name I would like to be like that. If my beauty is able to glorify your name pls let me do that! I want to be sexy and thin so that I can be sexy .
I want to wear nice clothes and I want to use myself to sell my clothes , If there's a chance for me to be popular , pls let me do that. lord, really I still don't like myself that much, I am not satisfied with my body . I want to be prettier , skinnier.
And lord also , pls cut less my lusting desire I don't want myself to be like that . I want to be as clean as possible . But I have a feeling that you aren't there for me because I'm not there for you. So lord, I'm so sorry to say this but I just feel that we being together is really hard.I'm avoiding you . and you avoiding me. Lord, I'm so tired of bring me. in the name of jesus ,amen

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