Thursday, December 26, 2013

2014 new resolution?

It's the end of the year and people will start making resolution to start off year 2014. well, for me, for sure I'm gonna do it, cos..... it's just the way we do~so....... 2014 resolution~
1. I'm gonna be improve in every area of me.
--It doesn't matter in area of my studies, piano,dancing or attitude, I really need to improve on that. Attitude is the main one though. Cause you know ,if you have a great attitude, you will have a better ways to face every other thing.
2.Do what I think
--I'm a dreamer. I like to think and think and think,without doing it. I wanted to go audition to become a Kpop idol.But I didn't because I'm afraid. Because I'm too afraid to fail,and I'm lazy to make a move.and I'm not determined enough.Pretty much a jerk.
3. Be humble
--Frankly,I always thought that I'm beautiful until recently,a lot of things happened recently,that make me realise that I'm actually a REALLY REALLY UGLY person. I'm so ugly. People always says that you are pretty in your own way.But I see no beauty in me.I'm fat, I have no pretty face,and I have no good attitude. So I have to always remind myself that I am really fat and ugly so don't even dare to feel confident about myself.
4. Lose 15kg
Next year, I WANT to go for ballet exam.So, I need to lose lots of lots weight so that I'm able to dance more nicely ,AT LEAST.
5.Make a better environment for myself
I do admit that I'm a good environment . And sometimes,whenever I see other kids who walks to school on their own, I feel that I'm pretty useless and I'll be super grateful for what my parents had provided me,and what God had blessed me in. But sometimes, I do feel insecure for myself because nothing of mine I had ever worked hard for to get it, you know what I mean? So since, I have a pretty good environment already,I had to make myself a better one so that I can actually bless others with what I have.
I could probably said that I'm the most lazy person in the world, and I also hate to use my energy. FOR SURE. But you know what, Let's try being hardworking and determined on things next year. At least I will not regret when I failed .
7.Have better results (edu)
If I have better results,I'm pretty sure that I have more freedom to do what I want.:)

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